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orange peel backgrounds

Orange Peel Backgrounds are a revolutionary background system. Gone are the days of wrinkles, folds, and flat…our backgrounds are peel and stick panels! Adhere to your wall, pink insulation or other, or for optimal flexibility, don’t adhere! Create sets by separating your panels to make staggered walls, corners, or anything else your imagination can come up with. Designed specifically with the small studio in mind, these backgrounds are lightweight, waterproof, and virtually scratch resistant. For even more flexibility and ideas, check out our soon to be released downloadable inspiration book… Each panel is 42?x 8?: Two Panel backgrounds are 7? x 8? Three Panel backgrounds are 10.5? x 8? Photographers-provide your clients more variety while saving money on backgrounds! See how Heather was able to provide flexibility and variety to her clients in a small boutique studio, all the while in a most cost effective and creative way! At $129 a background YOU CAN TOO! Frustrated? Flexibility of backgrounds too costly? In this economy, with studios facing moving from retail locations to home studios, flexibility and creativity is HUGE in studio survival. Clients are demanding more options, but not necessarily wanting to pay more for those options…what are studio owners to do? What is an Orange Peel Background? Basically, it’s a new twist on an old idea! Backdrops and backgrounds have been around from the beginning of art–but never presented quite this way, and with this much flexibility! Orange Peel Backgrounds ‘peel and stick’ to just about any surface, making their uses countless! Adhere to walls, vinyl, foam insulation–the possibilities are endless. Create corners, stagger, or flat wall sets–let your imagination run. Variety and return on investment are KEY to studio success and survival Take advantage of the flexibility of uses of an Orange Peel Background; go from one set to another by simply reversing your walls (using 2 backgrounds), splitting your background to create depth and dimension, use as flooring…the uses are endless.